LeFleur Financial offers several benefits unique to our firm. Our business model is different, and so are the services we provide.

Fiduciary—We are our clients' fiduciary. What does that mean? It means that we always act in our clients' best interest. Not all financial advisers act in this capacity. But as both a certified public accountant (CPA) and a certified financial planner (CFP), our managing member, Josh Norris, always acts with his clients' best interests at heart. Our recommendations will align with the clients' financial goals, and they will never have to question our motives.

Retainer-Based Model—We charge a yearly retainer for our financial planning services that is invoiced quarterly. That's it. We do not sell financial products, and we do not manage money. We use this business model in order to align our economic incentives with our clients' financial goals. Many wealth management firms do not charge for financial planning, as long as clients invest a minimum amount of their wealth with that firm. As a result, they have no incentive to continually work with clients to update and improve their financial plans to help them achieve their financial goals. We work for our clients. Not their money.

Accountability—We hold our clients accountable for the financial actions they take. Our firm fosters close relationships with our clients; we meet frequently, especially during our first year together, and communicate regularly to resolve issues that arise. As a result, we feel comfortable calling clients out for not sticking to the plan. This level of accountability makes our implementation success rate much higher than traditional financial advisers.

Simplicity—We simplify the financial life of our clients. We keep up with how much money they have and where it is. We also track how much they owe and to whom. We help them track their spending and manage their monthly finances. Our clients make plenty of money, but sometimes they don't know where it all goes. We simplify and automate the process to help them capture and retain their hard-earned wealth.

Client Education—We educate our clients on the recommendations we make. We want them to trust our judgment, but we also want them to understand the rationale behind our planning. If there is confusion, then there is frustration, and clients will not buy into the plan we have created. We want to educate and empower so that our clients implement our recommendations completely and have full control over their financial lives.

Tax Backbone—We understand the tax consequences of financial decisions. Josh Norris, our managing member, was already a CPA specializing in tax before he become a financial planner. This background gives our firm unique insight into the tax ramifications of financial transactions. Tax planning is a crucial part of overall financial planning, and our firm has the experience to create tax efficiency through investing, retirement, and estate planning.